We are a Web Design & Development agency established in 1997

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Established in 1997, ITlogic Solutions provides internet-based services in web design, development and Search Engine Optimisation with a focus on:

Website Design, Web Application Programming, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Web Marketing to companies in a wide range of activities. With a strong emphasis on producing tangible results for companies from their websites, ITLogic's expertise has added value in numerous cases to create positive interest and enquiries from a powerful web-presence.

Our in-house competencies include the following:

ITLogic Solutions Web Design HTML - applicable to static website design and to dynamic web-design when used in conjunction with other technologies below

ITLogic Solutions Web DesignSEO - Search Engine Optimisation - maximise the bottom-line performance of your website

ITLogic Solutions Web Design Javascript - adds effects and functionalities

ITLogic Solutions E-commerce Websites E-commerce - handling online sales and payments from your website

ITLogic Solutions Web Design PHP - programming language used for numerous functionalities, particularly for interfacing to a MySQL database

ITLogic Solutions Web Design Graphic design - the art of imagery

ITLogic Solutions Database Design and Programming Database Design (MySql) - secure storage of data of any kind, with user-friendly accessibility interfaces.

ITLogic Solutions Web Design Premium Rate Cellphone Services - competitions, automated response information services etc

ITLogic Solutions Web Design Multimedia Production using video/graphics etc - combining graphics,video,text,sounds,music into a dynamic presentation viewable using various media

ITLogic offers full-service Interactive e-Business Solutions, including website design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO), multimedia and internet marketing applicable using the above technologies, plus website hosting, e-mail and ancilliary services.

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"Always do more than is required of you." George S. Patton

Web Design

We create and design effective and attractive, responsive and SEO-optimised websites for any business, enterprise, club, association or organisation or individual etc!

Today your website is the public face of your company or organisation - let us help ensure that the public sees your best face!

Our aim in creating your website is to generate interest and response - interest in your products or services and response to those in terms of enquiries which lead to sales!



If your current website is not producing satisfactory results in terms of enquiries it could be as a result of failure to correctly optimise the pages and/or to submit the data to search engines.

ITLogic has many years experience of optimizing client websites - we do not build a website that does not include basic optimization, and as a result, our clients' websites are valuable marketing assets, which produce results!


Database planning, database programming and database management are critical to the success of many advanced projects and applications.

Our expertise in this field extends over over many years

INTERNET Marketing

The Internet offers unparalelled opportunities for Marketing of Products and Services.

ITLogic can advise and guide you in creating these opportunities.

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Multimedia Production

Encompassing video,images,sounds, Flash and other graphical and text elements, multimedia productions are available for online use, or on CD and DVD for presentations, promotions, training purposes, employee induction and many more applications.

Leverage the power of high-impact visuals and audio with ITLogic MultiMedia Productions, at a competitive cost.

Two Ways to Success!

1. We use your imagery,video,sounds, voice-over and mix and edit these into a CD/DVD or web production.

2. We arrange for production of suitable video, imagery, sounds, voice-over and mix and edit these into a CD/DVD or web production.

These productions may be run using a normal CD/DVD player and TV monitor, LCD monitor or computer monitor, and can be produced in various formats for HD, wide-screen etc.

Ideal for trade-shows, DVD Multimedia offers an exciting way to present your message or products and services to potential clients which captures attention and delivers memorable impact.

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